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Simple, Flexible Yet Powerful Booking Software for Small-Medium Businesses

SkizzleOpus is a cloud-based appointment scheduling solution that caters to small and midsize businesses across various industries such as financial services, health care, legal services, salons, spas and more. SkizzleOpus is for businesses and individuals who not only want to make themselves online bookable, but also strive to optimize their business workflow, increase the performance of their team and increase their profits.

SkizzleOpus also helps to streamline your transition to the new normal. Being a valuable source of centralized information on space utilization, it helps to track the flow of people and manage social distancing by introducing important restrictions.

Why SkizzleOpus

With SkizzleOpus, you can efficiently focus on your business. It will help you save your time and effort by scheduling online appointments regardless of your business hours. Thus, providing customers the option to book for your business 24X7.

  • Service appointment booking
  • One-on-one appointment scheduling
  • Suitable for a variety of services
  • Mobile-friendly

Breathtaking features of SkizzleOpus

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows with automated customer reminders. SkizzleOpus send text reminders to your customer reminding their bookings.

Configurable time slots

Easily customize the time slots as per your business need.

Multi-store config

Have businesses in multiple locations? You can configure multiple stores in SkizzleOpus and can manage all of them easily under one roof.

Booking History

This allows you to compile the upcoming, completed & canceled booking history of your customers.

Password Free Login

Don’t bother to remember the password every time. SkizzleOpus’ password-free login allows your customers to enter into the system with OTP they receive on phone.

Coupon code

Easily add multiple coupon/promo codes.

Bulk booking

Our Bulk booking option allows your customer to book slots for more people than allowed in a single time slot.

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